The Protosyncellus is a priest appointed by the Metropolitan Archbishop who assists him in the governance of the Archeparchy. The Protosyncellus has the same executive power of governance unless this has been withheld by the Archbishop. In short, the Protosyncellus governs the Archeparchy when the Archbishop is absent from the territory of the Archeparchy. He is to have the mind of the Archbishop and carry out the everyday duties and obligations in his absence. Upon the return of the Archbishop, the Protosyncellus is required to give a report and accounting of the acts carried out in the Archbishop’s name.

This office may be determined for a specific time but is always at the discretion of the Archbishop as to how long the Protosyncellus may serve in this capacity. Upon the death, transfer, or retirement of the Archbishop, the Protosyncellus ceases to function in his capacity.