Grant Guidelines and Application Process

Instructions on grant processing

1.Submitting a grant application

Use the official application form to submit a project 

Project proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. There is no deadline for a project submission.

2. Project receipt and registration: Upon receipt of an application via email the proposal will be registered and each applicant will receive an email confirming receipt of the application. A grant registration number will be assigned.

3. Notification of decision: Letters notifying applicants of the committee’s decisions will be sent by email to grant applicants within 7 business days after the committee arrives at a  decision.

4. Project disbursement and confirmation of Receipt of Funds form: After a positive decision regarding a grant application the grant will be placed onto a disbursement schedule. Payment will be accompanied by a disbursement letter. Upon the receipt of the funds, please email a confirmation letter to the Fund’s office within 1 week of receipt of funds.

Instructions on grant reporting

1. Grant report deadline: HWF grants have a one-year term, which begins on the date of disbursement of funds. The grant report should be submitted within 2 month after the term ends. In cases where the project runs longer than one year, please send an interim letter of explanation, indicating the progress of the project, reason for the delay, expected date of completion and submission of report.

2.Implementation of the project: If during the implementation of the project, you have to adjust or change the project’s objectives or expenses(10% budget line variation) please notify by e-mail the Fund’s administrator for approval.

3.Submitting a grant report: There are 3 components to reporting. Please include the grant number on each document.

  • Written report/or letter describing the project implementation. This report should be presented in a brief executive summary  (1- 2 pages).

Content should include, as relevant: date and location of the project, number of participants, outline of project steps indicating those covered by HWF funding, review of met objectives, any additional results and overall conclusions. Please note any project changes which occur in the course of implementation.  

Testimonies – please include written testimonies, and videos giving voice to the beneficiaries of the project.

  • Financial report

Copies of all receipts for expenses covered by the HWF grant, presented clearly and in a chronological order. Please, include a summary financial table reflecting the grant budget, in both local currency and US dollars.  

  • Photos and supporting material  should  be provided. All photos should have an appropriate title, the explanatory caption, and the image source.

If you have any further questions, require further explanation, or need assistance in preparing a final report, please reach out to Rev. Roman Oliinyk at ) (with the subject title: Final Report Questions)